Always Has Ted Cruz Analysis

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Every four years when the presidential election comes around, all we see on tv are political ad campaigns during commercials. Some ads show the candidate positively, while others show the candidate negatively. Then there are the ones that don't make any sense, like the one about Donald Trump’s tiny hands. Ted Cruz introduced a commercial called Always Has during his run at the Republican nomination for president. While the campaign “Always Has” by Cruz for president does a good job in that it points out all the good aspects Ted Cruz has achieved so far, uplifting music, color choice, and testaments, it doesn’t work in that it does not state any information on what Ted Cruz plans to continue to do as president. Anybody who knows Ted Cruz knows …show more content…

There are a various number of these throughout the campaign. Personal testaments about Ted Cruz during the ad. Let's viewers know how others view him and his actions. For example, in the ad campaign it says “ one candidate has spent his life defending our freedom.” This lets viewers know that others see him as a fighter and one who will stand up for what's right in America. Another example is “He understands what’s at stake for all of us in this election.” This lets viewers know that Cruz understands the importance of this presidency and what the outcomes may be. Lastly, “As president we can trust ted cruz to protect our rights and defend the constitution…. He always has.” This lets viewers know that Ted Cruz can be trusted as president because he always had defended not only our rights but our constitution as …show more content…

Where the ad falls short is their ability to include things that Ted Cruz would continue to do as president and how he would best suite us for the next presidential

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