The Murder Of Amanda And Rafaela

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.Amanda and Rafaela Questioned
Police questioned Amanda and Rafaela several times over the next several days and on November 6, authorities arrested Amanda and Rafaela taking them to are the police station where police held Knox for five days. During the time at the station, police observed Knox doing some very bizarre activities. For example, at one point, authorities allowed Knox to sit on Sollecito’s lap and authorities observe him kissing and hugging on her. In her memoir, Knox claims this behavior was not odd, but just Soilecito’s way of trying to calm her down. At another point, seated across the table from each other Rafaela and Amanda are making faces at each other. Amanda insists that these behaviors were not odd, because she had …show more content…

He is suing Amanda, claiming that the false imprisonment cost him his business that the police demanded stay closed insisting it was part of an active crime scene.
Guede Arrested
On November 20, the same day that authorities released Lumumba from prison, police, in Germany, arrested Guede, near Mainz, for traveling by train without a ticket. With the evidence that Guede’s fingerprints were all over Margaret’s bedroom and apartment, authorities quickly sent Guede back to Perugia. Initially, Guede admitted being in the apartment when Margaret was killed, but he was in the bathroom playing games on his iPod while suffering with food poisoning. He says that Margaret’s screams finally filtered through the headphones that he was using and that he emerged to find Rafaela in the apartment. He insists that Rafaela told him that he must keep quiet because everyone would believe that the man of color had committed the crime. Guede insists that he heard Amanda in the apartment but did not see her. He then says that he saw Meredith’s dead body, panicked and fled the scene.
Meredith’s Funeral
Friends held a memorial service at Croydon Parish Church on December 14, 2007. The family later interred at Croydon’t Mitcham Road Cemetery.
Guede Sentenced
On Oct. 28, 2008, using Italy’s fast track method, authorities convicted Guede of sexual assault along with the murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison.
Chooses Full Jury Duty

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