America 's Progressive Era Of America

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During America’s Progressive Era, the economy began to grow, massive immigration was occurring, and political and social movements were taking place that allowed the growing nation to establish itself before increasing its influence and emerging into the rest of the world as a global power. Between 1916 and 1946, America faced immense changes from their previous social, political, and economic practices in the Progressive Era. For instance, America treated its Mexican immigrants with intolerance, even though they were the backbone to America’s labor work. America was not keen on immigration happening in their country, but they were quick to expand their foreign affairs to spread their ideals rather than having civil relations with other countries. During this time, America also changed the way their economy functioned and went from trade to credit practices. Between 1916 and 1946, America underwent drastic social, political, and economic changes that would affect America’s future today, specifically their immigration policies with Mexicans, their expand on internationalism, and their change in economic practices. When America joined WWI, American patriotism became an essential aspect of society because those who were not proud of their country were not true patriots. Because of this, immigrants were widely questioned about their devotion to the nation and had to assimilate themselves into “American culture”. However, the nation was known as a melting pot, so it was argued
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