American Art Before and After World War Ii

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American Art before and after World War II Marty Rieth ARTS/125 June 27, 2016 Sarah Baer American Art before and after World War II The objective for the following paper is to discuss issues concerning American art before and after World War II. The discussion will include an examination of the artwork of three artists. Two artists will have worked during the Great Depression and one artist will have been an Abstract Expressionist. In discussing the artists’ work, a description of each work and its style will be included. An examination into the Great Depression and the purpose of artwork created during that time, whether they were tools for social reform, and other types of messaging that were present in the works will be…show more content…
The painting includes a woman and a man with a house in the background. The woman is clothed in appears to be an apron and she has a look on her face that resembles a look someone has when they are mad. The man is clothed in overalls and holding a pitchfork as if telling the viewer to go to work. The house is of Gothic architecture with flowers on the porch that is meant to represent the idea if you want something you have to work for it. Purpose of Artwork The Great Depression caused artists to create images that depicted a society of individuals who were hard workers. Images were set in an atmosphere that was, both, recognizable and relatable. Art was being created by all races therefore the government realized the impact it was having and they sought to promote social reform. During this time industry executives wanted to convey a message to society that they had the workers best interest at heart. Artists used murals to depict images of trade, industry, and mill work. These workers were influenced by the murals because it was something that made them feel like they were respected. This respect had a positive impact and therefore was a contributing factor to social reform. Conclusion Creations of art during The Great Depression couldn’t have been more perfect than the works by Maynard Dixon and Grant Wood. In a style dubbed social realism Maynard Dixon created Springtime on Bear Mountain which depicted flat land in the foreground with
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