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American express case study
American Express Case Study Research Papers, Essays, and Term Papers 1-800-351-0222 or 310-313-1265 Or Order On-Line! American Express Case Study Term Paper ID:27345 Get This Paper Free!or Buy This Paper Essay Subject: Analyzes the successful management changes instituted at American Express in the 1980s by CEO Lou Gerstner.... Pages / 1800 Words 1 sources, 3 Citations, APA Format rating 32.00 More Papers on This Topic Paper Abstract: Analyzes the successful management changes instituted at American Express in the 1980s by CEO Lou Gerstner. Paper Introduction: American Express Case Study Description Much of the success of American Express during the mid1980s was attributed to the entrepreneurial management …show more content…

By the mid-198 s, however, there was thenew challenge of maintaining this rate of growth, and the entrepreneurialspirit. Ultimately, this leads to stagnation, andto limits on flexibility and creativity.
During the early and mid-198 s, TRS wasable to achieve, and surpass, its financial goals, primarily by emphasizingits entrepreneurial spirit and constantly generating new products, services, and marketing efforts. In particular, Beth, Terri, and Jerry indicated that they were encouraged to come up with ideas, allowed to pursue those ideas with little constraint, and rewarded forsuccess by being given even more leeway. Entrepreneurship, creativity, and organization.
Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. Kao (1989) indicated that the entrepreneurial spirit could be carriedin the established organization depending upon leadership and structure. He talked about a number of different models for maintaining a smaller feelwithin the larger organization, as in creating self-contained work groupsor divisions. This is the task that the American ExpressCompany faced and that Lou Gerstner sought to address in his balancing ofthe traditional and entrepreneurial cultures. As Kao(1989) noted, that slack seems to be essential, providing people with someroom to create without too many rules or structures constricting theircreative activity.
That seems to be quite a creative group, and the people within it are encouraged to come up with

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