American Indian Immigration

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Indian Immigration
Sudipta Das is a professor at the Southern University at New Orleans and in their academic journal “Loss and Gain? A Saga of Asian Indian Immigration” Das goes in depth on the South Asian immigration trends. While immigration has always occurred in the United States, different groups of people immigrated in mass amounts at different times. The majority of the first phase of Southern Asian immigration occurred during 1904 to 1917, and thousands of Southern Asians entered the United States from Canada. This was due to there being anti-Indian sentiments in Canada at the time, and soon after most immigrants arrived through San Francisco. This phase ended when the United States passed an immigration act in 1917, that only allowed
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One explanation for how Indian-Chic culture came to be is through the different popular culture movements that the United State underwent from the 1920s to modern day and its correlation to the immigrant groups arriving throughout the decades. The book Inventing American: Ethnic Identity and American Popular Culture outlines the six most important popular cultural eras; within those six eras, two of them are directly related to Asian and South Asian immigration; “...the Vietnam-era hippie love affair with Ravi Shankar in the late 1970s...and the 1990s Asian American webzine subculture” (Oren 91). Ravi Shankar is still today a very popular classical Indian musician. In the 1970s, what occurred was that Indian culture was popularized for being “exotic” with the fame of Ravi Shankar, and of other Indian professionals. Ravi Shankar specifically performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival and this made him gain national fame (Oren 92). The appearance of an Indian celebrity popularized Indian music, fashion, and even spiritual practices. Soon Indian customs started becoming appropriated around the United
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