American Students Drop Out Of High School

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Did you know that one million American students drop out of high school every year (EPE 2012), and that students in the United States are the twenty-fifth math, the seventeenth in science, the fourteenth in reading, out of twenty nine countries (OECD 2012)? According by the National Assessment of Education Progress, two out of three eighth-graders cannot read proficiently and that nearly three out of four eighth- and 12th-grade students cannot write proficiently.
How the level of U.S schools can be so low, when we know that the United State is one of the first country in the world which spend the most money in education (Ryan). According to the last study of the OECD, The United State ranks the fifth in the countries which spend more money for student, with $12,731 for a student secondary school, and also the U.S spends more than average per student per country (Sherman& Ryan). However with this money spent for education by the U.S government students are still failing, so the reason of this problem come from another issue than money. The main culprits in this situation, are the students themselves. Lack of motivation of students is the main problem in failing schools. Several students do not try their best at school, do not do their work, and drop out because of their reluctance to work in school. One of the first problems of students’ lack of motivation, is that many students will not try their best if there is not an incentive or a reward. “46 percent of the 13

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