Repercussions In Education

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The United States is no longer the leader in education standards and in fact is no longer even making the top ten when it comes to reading, math, and science literacy rankings among the world for education (Learning Curve, 8). The repercussions are that college graduates are not as competitive globally as they once were and obtaining desired careers are more competitive than ever, having an ultimate result of slowing down the economy. Due to these conditions, education reform needs to be dealt with immediately as it will take years of implementation before any positive results are actually achieved. Despite the introduction of common core, and no child left behind, the school system is still failing students who are unqualified to even enter…show more content…
Parents that have spoken out risk upsetting a teacher that will be looking after their child for the rest of the year, many teachers express the opinion that parents are not qualified to help their children as they have not had pedagogy training. Parents need to be allowed to voice opinions and concerns when it comes to their children’s well-being without fear of repercussions. There are numerous ways that parents should become involved in education reform. In New York City, parents withheld their children from participating in standardized testing; proclaiming that too much time was spent on training for the tests and not enough time and faith was given to the teachers to teach according to their best judgement and training. Instead of waiting on politicians to lead the change in education reform parents need to start change themselves on a local level by participating heavily in the schools that their children attend. Getting to know the teachers and administration allows parents to have a voice about concerns and problems that they witness firsthand as well as being active voters for members of the school board. Those that complain that the nation is no longer a competitive learning source should in turn become actively involved in education
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