America's Dropping the Bomb on Hiroshima

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Explain why America dropped the bomb on the city of Hiroshima and describe the effects of the bombing? America had an allied victory over the Germans but the war was still continuing in the pacific so the Americans decided drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima causing mass destruction, but how did the scientists know that it would work and if it worked how it would get to Hiroshima? Once they dropped the bomb what would happen to the targeted area and did America even think of the repercussions of their actions in the short term and in the long term. Planning to end the war before it was over started when American scientists were recruited to produce the world’s first atomic bomb used as a weapon in 1939 in the secrecy of the Manhattan city centre. When making the bomb Uranium 235 was used as its critical mass with it being projected by a 76.2 mm naval gun, along with its casing gave the bomb an overall weight of four metric tons. When detonated a piece of the uranium was shot at another piece creating an explosion equivalent of 13 kilotons of TNT. The project was nearing completion when the president, Harry Truman had been given word that the Germans were also attempting to build their own atomic bomb, this made the American scientists worry that they might not be able to test the bomb, as it was not 100 percent complete, but soon after the word was given the Germans surrendered so the pressure was off America and they also knew that Japan did not have the materials to make

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