America's Education System

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In the past, many people believed that a high school diploma was good enough to get a good job with which support a family, but now 76% of college professors and 63% of employers believe that high school diploma is no indication that a student has learned the basics for any job.1 Test scores and studies have shown that America's education system is lagging behind many other industrialized countries due to poor implementation of new curriculum that doesn't help kids prepare for the all important standardized testing. These tests make or break a student's year in terms of meeting the goals set for them at the beginning year. If the American education system is solely test focused and doesn't teach practical skills to kids, then we are going…show more content…
After Reagen's tenure, the Senate became much more lenient to education reform, which both President Bush and President Obama took advantage of during their time in the Oval Office. Presidenmt Bush got Congress to pass No Child Left Behind and President Obama got them to pass Race to the Top, which allowed both of them to have a major education reform bill passed in the first terms as President. No Child Left…show more content…
This is the best solution for education in America because it should be solely based on where child is at that particular time, not if they meet some standard set by a state or federal law without teachers opinion's on it.7 first If a child was in a class until they understood what was going on then they could be a little slower but eventually end up in the same place as other kids. This would increase America's test scores while also engineering a better society for the future of our country. The solution lies in doing away with tests and creating a much more kid-friendly system. This system would be much more endearing to parents and children while also giving teachers a new and different way to do their job. Some may say that it would take to long to teach the struggling kids, but if we don't spend time trying to teach all kids then why say that is our goal. Spending more doesn't save the system, but paying teachers more will. If we give an incentive for our best and brightest to become teachers then the entire education system improves because of a cycle of an upswing to jump-start the system. To create a more efficient and effective system, increasing teacher salaries has to be the top
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