America´s Health Insurance Plans Essay

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America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). (2011, September 9). Rising Health Care Costs. Retrieved October 22, 2013, from

The America’s Health Insurance Plans is identified as the national trade association and represents the health insurance industry. They advocate for a variety of public policies and seek to promote prevention and wellness, they partner with providers, and help patients become more informed about their health and manage chronic conditions. They address the causes of such high health care costs and spending because greater than one-sixth of the US spending is in health care. We found this to be beneficial in understanding the significance of eliminating any barriers to transparency; they propose that by eliminating barriers to transparency is a crucial proponent in addressing health care costs. Transparency addresses the stakeholders increased awareness and insight into health related issues. We believe that this is a vital aspect in our proposal to decrease this barrier and improve outcomes in preventive care.

Baicker, K., Cutler, D., and Song, Z. (2010). Workplace wellness programs can generate savings. Health Affairs, 29(2): 304-311.

Baicker, Cutler, and Song sought to find if investing into workplace wellness programs would prove to be beneficial for economic budgets as well as overall public health. The authors found that this type of preventive care can produce savings results…