Amiri Baraka “Soul Food”, Gore Vidal “Drugs”, Phyllis Mcginley “Woman Are Better Drivers”

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Amiri Baraka “Soul Food” The argument of fact that Baraka was explaining is how black Americans have their own language and their own characteristic food because a young Negro novelist mentions that there is a flaw with black Americans. For example, the young novelist proclaimed that blacks neither have their own characteristic food nor their own language and how many people do not know what soul food is. Also, some slang terms have developed the names for soul food which creates the foods own uniqueness. 1. Baraka simply is stating some types of food they ate but he wants to prove his point about what people thought how some of the food was made and prepared. Also, Baraka argument of fact establishes that many people do not know…show more content…
Vidal explains how it’s the United States Governments fault because the crime spree would be decreased. Vidal also believes that fighting against drugs is nearly as a big business as trying to stop them because people always want what they can't have. By legalizing drugs will enable people easier access to them but also, taking away the thrill of getting them. For example, giving people their wants only makes the person lose less value of their excitement which has to do a big role in reverse psychology. To confuse people of their wants and needs. 2. Vidal addresses my concerns because drug dealing and the mafia business will decrease rapidly and there would not be as much crimes in the American society. Yes, Vidal does consider both sides of the issue because he there is a combination of sin and money between the mafia and the American people. Both of the combinations of sin and money are two most valuable things because are irresistible and it has been repeated for many centuries. In addition, Vidal claims that forbidding people to do something they hold in interest of will only cause the person to pursue their interest more. 3. The effect in Vidal last paragraph is that he tries to persuade the reader for a change because in time things will only get worse if things don’t change. The reasonable solution to America’s drug problem is unrealistic because people will pursue things they cannot

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