Among The List Of Things For Managers To Consider When

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Among the list of things for managers to consider when dealing with multinational employees is Geert Hofstede’s work in Culture’s Consequences: International Differences in Work-Related Values. Hofstede’s work discusses the four “Value Dimensions” which include power distance, uncertainty avoidance, individualism, and masculinity and how these four aspects of national value systems play a critical role in influencing relationships between employees with different social values. As intelligent managers who wish to expand their businesses across many borders, they must be highly aware of the differing social values in order to find ways to overcome these hidden cultural barriers. A wise approach to bridge the gaps between cultures is for …show more content…

The virtual landscape also provides organizations with a bridge capable of connecting team members who may be otherwise unable of connection due to various reasons such as time, cost, and travel limitations. As with all the other factors discussed in this report, appropriate hurdles have to be cleared before management can reap the benefits created by the implementation of virtual teams.
When the only interaction employees have with their team members is through a computer screen, telephone, or other virtual communication device, it can be hard to overcome some of the fundamental dilemmas that arise during teamwork as discussed earlier. The lack of face-to-face communication makes it harder for team members to establish a strong sense of trust in their co-workers. Cultural differences may also be harder to recognize and thus harder to overcome. Because virtual teams are typically self-directed, a lack of supervision may cause certain unmotivated employees to slack off and fall behind on their required schedule for team deadlines. This lack of supervision makes it harder for management to monitor the progress of the group in order to provide feedback to its members. Yet many of these potential areas of concern can be avoided through wise and strategic managerial choices. Selecting well-equipped employees with the appropriate levels of technical and interpersonal skills is an essential first

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