Amongst The Time Of American History, Liberty Has Been

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Amongst the time of American history, liberty has been a topic for decades and many more to come. Throughout time, the idea of liberty has changed tremendously. One can define the term liberty, as the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one 's way of life, behavior, or political views. John Winthrop believed in using God’s word. When Winthrop became the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, he took people’s rights away due to the fact that liberty was living by the word of God. Winthrop’s idea of liberty is new to the term liberty that Americans know and believe in, during this time period. Many colonists came overseas because of the problems that were occurring in Britain. This lead …show more content…

The other idea of liberty Winthrop is the civil or federal idea. Winthrop claims the civil and or federal idea relates to the moral law. Winthrop says this form of liberty is politic covenants amongst men themselves. This is the proper object of authority in which you cannot be without. Winthrop has a Twofold idea. This is a conformity with the work and end we aim at. In the Excerpts from “A Model of Christian Charity,” he defines the way of a Christian. Winthrop says we should abide by our Lord and be comfortable with the bond he shares with us. This can help form trust to believe in the authority of God. Secondly, he says we should “seek out a place of cohabitation…under a due form of government both civil and ecclesiastical. In such cases as this, the care of the public must overway all private respects, by which, not only conscience, but mere civil policy, does bind us. For it is a true rule that particular estates cannot subsist in the run of the public”. This quote helps define Winthrop’s views on the authority of God, he believes in the Churches of Christ which can help one communicate with God and trust in his reasoning’s. Winthrop then goes on to claim that at the end of one’s life, is not necessarily the end. It is to better one’s life to be of aid to our Lord. Winthrop’s idea of Twofold, is seen to him to be special and different. This means to not accept the common things. One should

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