Amy Tan's Two Kind

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The title of this short story is called “Two Kind”. The title is referring to the two types of daughter Jing-mei’s mother talked about after Jing-mei refused to take piano lessons after she had failed at the performance show, “‘Only two kinds of daughters," she shouted in Chinese. "Those who are obedient and those who follow their own mind! Only one kind of daughter can live in this house. Obedient daughter!’(1128)”. I think this title is appropriate because it is what the conflict is revolved around. Jing-mei is the daughter who follow their own mind which her mother doesn’t approve. However, her mother wants Jing-mei to be the obedient type of daughter who follows her order; which ironically stated that Jing-mei is not this type of daughter by any sense.
Jing-mei’s rebellion against her mother is about how her mother wants her to be famous and successful. She is forcing her thoughts on Jing-mei, which Jing-mei doesn’t like nor she wants to follow her mother’s order. She believes her mother is wanting her to be what she is not, a genius, and she feels like she cannot live up to her mother’s orders, “You want me to be someone that I’m not! I sobbed. I’ll never be the kind of daughter you want me to be!’(1128)”. …show more content…

At first, Jing-mei’s mother wants Jing-mei to take examinations that test her knowledges, “The tests got harder - multiplying numbers in my head, finding the queen of hearts in a deck of cards, trying to stand on my head without using my hands, predicting the daily temperatures in Los Angeles, New York, and London”(1123). Jing-mei collapsed at these endless tests that her mother is slapping onto her face. Jing-mei immaturely responded to her mother’s test by acting boring and off task when her mother is testing her. Her lack of interest and activeness in this activity made Jing-mei’s mother eventually gave up on

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