An Administrator At Henry Ford Academy School For Creative Studies Essay

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With each interview, I have looked forward to learning about Mr. Carey 's process to teaching. This interview was doubly exciting to finally get the perspective of an administrator at Henry Ford Academy School for Creative Studies. This gave an opportunity to potentially see if the way that Mr. Carey approaches situations is based on his years in education or if it is influenced by the administration. There was no better topic than relationships, rules, discipline to get the dual perspective; the responses provided indicated the ways that different faculty think about situations. The administrator that agreed to be interviewed, arranged by Mr. Carey, was Liz Bastian the Director of Curriculum for grades 6-12 at Henry Ford School for Creative Studies. The interview took place soon after lunch in her small, fairly cluttered office. Mrs. Bastian was not overly forthcoming with information at the start and seemed to have an all business attitude in her answers. Her demeanor resulted in an interview pace that was much quicker than any of the others that have been conducted. The first question asked, as a baseline and to center what to expect going forward, was: how do you think about relationships and discipline as aspects of classroom culture. Mr. Carey began, as he often does, fairly short as if he is not clear what is being asked. He begins by stating that it helps, then quickly follows up be adding that compliance comes a lot easier if you have a relationship with the
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