An Analysis Of Stephanie Wickman 's ' The Night '

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A local in town, Stephanie Wickman (who is currently 15 years old), experienced a daunting situation 6 years ago. While sledding at the end of her street, Wickman noticed a van that repeatedly circled the block then halted in front of her and her two siblings.
Growing increasingly nervous, the trio headed back to their house while van pulled over to the curb, adjacent to them. They waited in their neighbor’s driveway, attempting to gain as much distance as possible from that foreboding vehicle, meanwhile, Stephanie realized she forgot her hat.
As her siblings traveled back to the sledding hill to retrieve it as Stephanie anxiously ran to her house, bringing her father outside to show the eerie van which had been stalking them. She …show more content…

Sex traffickers, in certain cases referred to as pimps, hold a variety of loathsome techniques to capture a victim. They find victims through social network, local neighborhoods, clubs or bars, internet and even school.
Another approach is to falsely advertise a business oppurtunity to a woman in a foreign country. When they arrive, pimps disgracefully guilt the women into paying off the cost of their journey by convincing them to be a prostitute.
Another method used is referred to as “to use a slave to catch a slave”. This occurs when a “broken-in girl”, or a female who had been acquainted with the ways of sex trafficking, is sent to recruit younger girls into the sex trade.
This method of trafficking is displayed in the story of Loreta, a young and pure-hearted girl from Lithuania who was 15 years old at the time her prostitution commenced. When she graduated from foster care, Loreta did not anticipate the dark and twisting route her life would soon advance through.
Subsequently to her release, Loreta met Dana, a seemingly benevolent 21 year old who claimed to be her sister. A couple of months down the road, Dana summoned Loreta and a few of her friends to a bar. Loreta explained what happened next: “That’s when Dana explained she’d invited us over to sell our bodies. She told us that we would be prostitutes from now on.”
When Loreta was nineteen, she reached out and attained aid from the authorities. Although Loreta discovered

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