An Analysis of Harry Brown

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Gangsterism is typically defined as the culture of gangs. A definition of what is a gang varies from countries to countries. However, usually gang is attributed to criminal street gang or neighborhood-based street gangs. They are composed of teenagers ranging from ages to 16 to 21 years old. Also, they are commonly involved in many crimes such as armed robbery, assault, auto theft, trafficking, fraud, murder, etc. Because of these behavioral acts among the gangs, they are generally considered to be criminals or deviant by most of the society. Moreover, gangs are drug distributors. They are used by drug syndicate to deliver illegal drugs such as the marijuana or cocaine or they even become users of it. The world of gangsterism is definitely a harsh and dangerous one. But, how come that there are teenagers who are attracted to join a gang? Why would they choose to be in a group where they have no future at all? There are many reasons why these people choose to be this way. First, they find protection. One of the reasons why a person would join a gang is for him/her to find a group that will protect him/her. A gang is very much bounded by brotherhood. Everyone is willing to help each other. Also, what is the business of one is the business of all. Second, they find self-worth. He/She thinks that joining a gang is “cool.” Usually, members of gang wear baggy pants, big and loose t-shirts, and bling blings. Some also wear tattoo. They might find it interesting and attractive which

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