An Article About A Murder Trial

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Imagine Sergeant John Hopkins of the Ontario Provincial Police has just called you in for an interrogation. Knowing that you did not commit a crime, you enter the isolated and boring interrogation room. Now stuck in a room being completely bombarded by questions and accusations, thinking that hopefully someone could see what was happening to you inside this room. They keep you their for six hours, tired both physically and mentally exhausted. All you can think of, to get out of this situation, is to confess to them what they want to hear. Suddenly, you confess to a murder charge. This scenario has happened several times in police interrogation rooms, to many innocent individuals. Thankfully, with the introduction of psychology working with law many changes have occurred to protect people from this type of confession. By comparing multiple psychological journals to a current article about a murder trial. The focus will be on the tactics being used in to combat false confessions in an interrogation.
With the increased incorporation of technology in law, such as video cameras, there is also increased concern about its effectiveness. In one study, analyzing the point of view in which way a camera should capture a confession answers, does “the point of view from which a confession is videotaped influences voluntariness judgments generalize to different interrogations and to different crimes? The answer is an unequivocal yes” (LASSITER, SLAW, BRIGGS & SCANLAN, 1992). This means

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