An Description Of An Ecological Footprint Essay

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An ecological footprint tells us how much land and sea area is required to produce the resources and living necessities for some number of human beings upon it , as well as how much that area of land or sea absorbs carbon dioxide emissions. But it also helps us tell how much our particular land/sea area used for living compared to the land/sea area available on the planet (thus one might say, as in my case, that if everyone lived like me we would require 3.9 earths to allow for them to live, sustainably). ==========
An ecological footprint is an important unit of measurement to have because it helps give us some indication about the total amount of resources we are using, and some of its effect on the planet. Thus a footprint can help us reach a better level of sustainable living by giving us some way to measure our progress towards or away from that particular goal (where otherwise we would have no way of telling truly how sustainably we were living). ==========
Analysis ==========
If everyone lived like me, we would need 3.9 earths to provide the necessary resources. To support my lifestyle, it would take 17.4 global acres of the Earth’s productive area (or 17 tons of carbon dioxide). Most of which, over 55% would be for energy/land. About 13% would be necessary for crop land. About a 4% would be needed for grazing. About 18% would be forested land, along with roughly 7% of built up land and roughly 3% in fishing grounds. (All of these measurements
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