A Liberal Arts Education

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Critical thinking means to think correctly in to find knowledge that is relevant and reliable. In terms of a liberal arts education critical thinking is crucial because a liberal arts education teaches students skills that are needed in the rapidly changing world that usually requires a lifetime of self-learning and understanding. Critical thinking is something that people usually must learn on their own; however, as a liberal arts school it is taught, so we have a better understanding of thinking critically.

Green Technologies that have been addressed.

Photovoltaic power

Wind Farms

Hybrid Vehicles

Nuclear Power

Ocean Power


Clean Coal

Fully Electric Vehicles

Fuel Cells

Water reusing technologies


Harvest of Rainwater

Carbon footprint is the total of greenhouse gases produced by an individual’s habits as well as the energy required to produce things an individual consumes.
The individual components of the bottled water supply chain that contribute significantly to the industry 's carbon footprint are apparent in the entire process of creating bottled water. During extraction and production oil is used to create the plastic bottles. Then energy is required to ship the bottles across the globe. Lastly, disposal of the bottles is an issue as the majority of them ends up in landfills in which they will remain for thousands of years, or they are put into incinerators which releases toxins into the air.
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