An Discussion Of The Toy Industry And Primarily On Lego And Its Competitors

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Executive summary: -
In this report the discussion and analysis about the toy industry and mainly focuses on Lego and its competitors. This report shows where Lego stands against its competitors in the market. And what are the difficulties that it faces. It also has recommendations on how Lego should operate in regards to get its business where it was and be successful.

Introduction: -
The Lego group is a toy making company best known for its manufacturing of the Lego brand toys. Lego has a heritage that reaches back to the 1916. Lego came into existence in the rural village of Billund in Denmark by a carpenter Ole Kirk Kristiansen who bought a wooden workshop and used to build houses and furniture for the farmers there. In 1932, he started making wooden toys and named them LEGO. This is how the Lego toys were brought into their creation. Lego has since expanded globally with varied products and innovations to be the market leader in its category. Their foray into setting up adventure theme parks known as Legoland is an example of its expansive strategies.

Analysis of the Industry: - The toys industry is very massive. And with time is getting very competitive. Toys in general are important when it comes to growing up and learning things. With toys kids start to learn new things and develop interests from a very young age. There are so many types of toys available in the market like dolls, electronic toys, non-electronic toys and board games. Globally there has been a

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