An Emotional Connection Made with Audi Commercial Essay

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Audi, the maker of elite model cars, designed an advertising campaign for the 2013 Super Bowl that claimed driving an Audi would allow the owner to feel more daring. The advertisement opens up with a high school senior boy wearing a tux, with his mother pinning his boutonniere to his jacket. The boy clearly looks unenthused about going to prom because he does not have a date to the prom, which his mother attempts to sooth him by saying that there are many people who go to the prom without dates. His younger sister antagonizes her older brother about not having a date. As the boy is departing his house, his father throws his son the keys to his Audi S6. The son’s face brightens and he quickly leaves his house. He is driving fast on these…show more content…
With this advertisement, the Audi S6 is that object that provides the young man the courage to kiss the prom queen and park in the principal’s parking spot. The car provided the young man the sense of security to tackle his inner demons and carry out his desires with no regrets. The Audi instills this sense of sophistication and authority within the young boy and that because he drove an Audi, the opportunity to be brave clearly outweighed the consequences of his defiance, as demonstrated at the end of the commercial as he was driving with a black eye after being beaten up for kissing the prom queen. The “Prom” commercial has a logical appeal. By creating the relatable story of an awkward and dateless young man on his prom night, Audi was able to make an emotional connection with its audience. Their slogan, “Bravery. It’s what defines us.”, permits a logical appeal that if an Audi can allow that young boy to be brave, than an Audi can evoke that sense of bravery within them as well. If bravery defines a person, and an Audi defines bravery, than the car a person drives defines who that person is. Therefore, the logical claim that Audi is making is that the car a person drives defines them, and by driving an Audi, a person can be seen as classy, brave and sophisticated. In conclusion, Audi is trying to make the argument that owning an Audi is more than owning a car, owning an Audi is an experience that will instill a sense of class, pride and bravery. This
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