An Equal Role Of People In The LGBT Community

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People are people, no matter their sexuality or who they choose to love, so why treat them differently? All people are the same, but yet others still seem to treat them differently if they are not how they want them to be. Members of the LGBT community play an equal role in society because they have jobs, they live their everyday lives, and they find love just like people who not part of this community. The most common questions people ask or are concerned about are why do people in this community get treated differently, is it fair that they have to go through the things they do, is it really against the word of god (are they sinning just because they are different? These questions are asked on a daily basis from different people all around the world, different ages, different genders, by ¨normal¨ everyday people. People in the LGBT community are people too, therefore they should not be treated differently than people who are not part of this community. What are they treated differently for? Because they love who they want to love? Why is that such a problem, they have just as much of a right to love who they want that other people do. Why do people get so offended by their actions, they are not really hurting anybody, everybody has their own beliefs and feelings. People are always in a person's business when they find out that they are part of this community, but that's the problem their business is their business it does not concern anybody else except themselves and

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