An Essay On Argentina

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Argentina is the largest Spanish speaking country located in southern South America that is filled with 43,761,541 people, with 39,608,040 native Spanish speakers (Argentina Population). Argentina is bordered by Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Argentina is a Republic style Government with leader Mauricio Macri (Moore). The currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso that is 14.3164 pesos to equal one U.S. dollar (The Worlds).
Argentina was founded on July 9, 1816 by locals who were settled in the area (Infoplease). Argentina was ruled by Ferdinand VII and controlled the government from Buenos Aires, which is the capital of Argentina (Gascoigne). The coat of arms for Argentina as stated by Haley Cohen of The Argentina Independent, is “two hands clasped around a pike topped by a mysterious red hat, and embroidered by Ivy leaves and imposed over a rising sun.” The meaning of the Coat of Arms represents little things that all tie into one. The hands clasped together are a symbol of Unity, the sun represents the freedom Argentina has over Spain, the red hat represents a Phrygian cap that was worn by the Ancient Romans that stood for liberty, the pike in terms represents willingness to defend (Cohen). Argentina is teeming …show more content…

While the climate in the southeast may be arid, the southwestern temperatures are really cold due to the closeness to Antarctica (Argentina Climate). Argentina’s seasons are different then the United States due to the location of the country. The summer solstice of Argentina is December 21st compared to the United States beginning their winter solstice at this time (2016). While the solstices may be different then due to the location of the country, they still have four distinct seasons-summer, fall, winter, and spring- with their solstices being opposite to the countries that lye above the equator, such as the United

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