An Essay On Olivia Vansh's Aptitude For Art

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1. Vansh has shown an aptitude for art. He does well with drawing and painting. He has excellent listening skills and had created beautiful works of art. C4 s4 e4
2. Abitith has shown good drawing and painting skills. His creative mind is evident in his artwork. He struggles with listening to directions. He would also benefit from putting more effort into each project. C3s4e3
3. Olivia has shown excellent skills in painting and drawing. She has attention to detail and works diligently. Her creative mind shows through in her art. C4s4e4
4. Sammy has exhibited great skills in painting and drawing. I’m amazed by her diligent attitude and effort she puts forth on each project. She is a joy to have in my class. C4 s4 e4
5. Ronan has exhibited
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