An Essay on Cat Woman

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The midst at which I had eloped from the deteriorated streets of Gotham City to the confederates of vogues I had never possessed within myself. "Using promiscuity is just the catch to working up to the position an executive superhero obtains" I'd thought, but clearly my potential had lacked in such a drift. Evolving into a tight-fitting, pitch-black bodysuit used to everlastingly depict Batman as an adversary, I had maintained my prevalence in my every attribute. From a stinging, venomous whip to a slick, tight fitting body suit, I developed attributes not just to demolish one's success, but to obliterate one's future. In all, using my appealing curves; inexorably enabling myself to adapt to any environment: whether it was day, dawn, noon, or night; anywhere and at any time. Hands down, I could assuredly corroborate my elegant and exclusive vogue. As a whip-carrying burglar with a taste for high-stake thefts to a confident business woman dressed in a black-fitted blazer, my disguises were perpetually ordained. Many had often questioned my intentions as to my goal as an abandoned child who fought the battles towards the light of success. At last, I became the mind-rattling, impetuous, unforgettable, and notorious Cat Woman. Continuing my journey to inordinate prosperity, I delineated not only the wisest, but the bravest of them all when using my cat skills to jump beyond the expected; using my tight-fitting black suit and affinity, I didn't not only mislead, but attracted
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