An Examination of Leadership Styles Essay

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Different leaders have different ways of handling their role as leader of a group, particularly in the workplace. Whatever style a particular manager chooses, however, it is expected that, as leader, that he makes the final decision. Even in a more participatory work environment, it is expected of him or her to cast the deciding vote when there is a tie.

Indeed, the ability to communicate is essential to being an effective leader. For a true leader must be able to communicate effectively and decisively to all members of an organization. No member of an organization wants to feel like he/she is the last to know, and be forced to reorganize his/her life, especially on the job, at the last minute. …show more content…

Because he got the reputation as a good employer who frequently communicated with his employees and valued their input--the whole group rallied around him and agreed to volunteer during those tough times.

Different Leadership Styles

With that in mind, leadership theory has identified four management styles--authoritarian, democratic, participatory, and laissez-faire. There is inherently nothing wrong with any of them; all have their place at any given time. But it's the communication aspect that is important when implementing any given method of leadership that makes an organization rise or fall, and determines if respect is retained or lost within the group. Stated another way, the problem does not lie in the styles themselves, but rather in the presentation.


The authoritarian approach involves giving directives. It entails the leader instructing the employee that he needs a specific person to form a certain task. This style leaves no room for bargaining, and any non-compliance or objection of this directive will be viewed by management as insubordination.

As harsh as it indeed sounds, there is a place in management for this leadership style. According to, it works best when there are deadlines to be met, and time is short. The other instance that the authoritarian, or autocratic, style is appropriate is when an employee, or group of workers, is new, and training must take place.


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