An Example Of Good Software Engineering

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Software Engineering Portfolio

Source Code Management

Each member of the team created github repositories to hold source code they had work on. I created a repository called IScanDir, available at, to hold work done on the application plugins. Towards the end of the project. A new repository called ScanDirectory was created to hold the latest version of scan directory plugin, available at This was an example of good software engineering practice, because the project manager was able to more effectively practice source control management, and monitor the contributions of individual members.

Coding Standards and Code Reviews

Creating variables with descriptive names is an example of good software engineering practice. Using variable names with a descriptive nature will help reduce the effort needed by another programmer to understand the code. Figure 1 shows an example of a variable with a descriptive name MetadataFieldNames.

Figure 1

The use of github repositories gave team members the ability to peer review code and commit changes with comments. This helped greatly in understanding what needed to be coded and lifting the quality of the code produced.

Throughout the module, every meeting was written up in a uniform format and distributed to each member. Figure 2 shows an example of a documented team meeting that took place on the 26/02/2015. Figure 2
Documenting team meetings where…
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