An Exploration Of Cyberbullying Problems And Why You Should Be Concerned?

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An Exploration Of Cyberbullying Problems and Why You Should Be Concerned? Cyberbullying is a big issue in the world right now. With the growth of technology over the past decade, more and more people have become acquainted with it. People do everything on technology nowadays. From talking to friends, to playing games, and even doing your banking. But there are people who use technology for unjust. Not criminals even though the things they do could be counted as crimes in some people’s eyes. Bullying, antagonizing, or oppressing; all of these are unjust. These actions push and beat down their victim mentally through social media and private messages. There are many different reasons why people bully. It could because of the jealousy, a way to become popular, anonymity, getting even, others are doing it too, or they have been the victim before. Theses beatdowns of abuse can take a toll on the victim. The victim could start a eating disorder, self-harming, push away people, and worst case scenario is suicide. Even the bully will have bad effects from their actions such as guilt, regret, and trauma. The effects of cyberbullying are horrific and it should be stopped. One of these effects are low self-esteem. Low self-esteem is when you think poorly of yourself. According to End To Cyberbullying’s article “A Surprising Long-term Effect of Cyberbullying,” if the victim of bullying gets repeated hate messages online about themselves they will soon start to believe them.

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