An Extended Period Of Time Shoes

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For an extended period of time shoes have been an integral part of the modern consumer’s life. According to the vast majority of fashionably inclined individuals, shoes can either make or break a person’s entire appearance, which explains why people invest their hard earned coins into comfortable abodes for their feet. Particularly, the annual budget consumers spend on shoes in the United States is $20 billion dollars, and $6.46 billion dollars stem from running shoes alone. This is what initially piqued my interest and compelled me to interview a manager from one of most popular shoe stores known as Footlocker. As a side note, the interviewee was only willing to share the information because he is no longer an employee of the company. Nevertheless, my analysis expounds upon topics in accordance with Footlocker’s employees and customers. To gain a better understanding of the customer’s wants and needs, Footlocker’s primary focus entails paying attention to trends and patterns in the marketplace. This allows the organization to better serve the consumer, considering that a customer’s preference resides on a continuum. In other words, if companies fail to keep up with trends, maintaining a competitive advantage will be unrealistic, and therefore result in irrelevancy for the company. In addition to identifying market trends, Footlocker acquires more insight into customer demands through sales, according to the interviewee. For example, managers and sales associates

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