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An Individual Essay on Vegemite Table of Contents
Introduction 3
1. Importance of Marketing Mix Especially in Foreign Market 3
2. Issues of Vegemite’s Marketing Mix in Foreign Market 6
3. Result of not adjusting Marketing Mix in International Market 7
Conclusion 8
References List 9

This is an individual essay where the researcher is assigned to discuss about the importance of marketing mix especially in the foreign market. The theme of the given topic refers to use the example of Vegemite. It is actually a food paste that is prepared from the leftover yeast extracts of brewers. It mixes lots of other spices and vegetables in this food pastes. The main subject of this essay is the marketing mix. Before understanding it, a discussion about the market research is important here. In an international business market research becomes more important, because the loss factor appears more crucially here.
1. Importance of Marketing Mix Especially in Foreign Market
Vegemite is known as a tasty spread for toast, sandwiches, cracker biscuits, crumpets and so on. Vegemite is also used as the filler for the pastries. It is a product of the company Fred Walker & Co. Vegemite was first launched in the year of 1923. Cyril P. Callister was the inventor of this product. The present supplier of Vegemite is Mondelez International (, 2015). Figure 1: Logo of Vegemite
(Source:, 2015)
Actually, marketing mix mostly depends on market

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