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Tony Jones

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In this paper about the Marketing Mix, it will explain the elements of the marketing (product, place, price, and promotion). I have enclosed a chart about the Pricing Strategies Mix. I will also be selecting an organization by the name of Target in which I am familiar with and will describe the four elements of the marketing mix and how it impacts the organizations developmental marketing strategies and tactics.

Company: Marketing Teacher


Based on the Marketing Teacher the product
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Thee Four P's Website


From the four P's marketing website their definition of a product is that the market size varies according to consumer preferences. That is doesn't matter which product they have to offer, make sure that the product comes from a reliable supplier that has high quality products.


The price comes from how much the product should sell for. In considering prices, the organization should consider the "product, customers, competitiveness, and quality."(Purdue, 2007)


An organization has to find a place to sell their products, whether it's in a shopping mall, a retail store, or in a grocery store. They have to find a place where people would embrace their product.

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The products that people buy are promoted to bring in new consumers. Promotion requires an organization to have a lot of time. Also a promotion should be clear and t o the point.

Impacts of the company

Target is the company that I chose because I used to work there about 8 years ago. Target is a very great retail place to work. Target is always advertising and marketing their products they sell. Target markets there products by doing a variety of commercials,

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