An Individual Nutritional Performance Plan For An Elite Football Player

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Liban Aweis Mude
An individual nutritional performance plan for an elite football player
Tottenham Hotspur Foundation – THF201410
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Friday 3rd April 2015
Fundamentals of Football Fitness & Nutrition

In this case-study, the focus point will be the nutritional discipline followed by elite footballers, the reasoning why and benefits adjacent. Looking into greater detail, a selected professional football athlete will be taken into consideration and the focal points surrounding the demands football has on their body in which nutrition plays a major contribution in a 6 week detailed plan.

Andros Townsend is our selected athlete. Townsend is a fast paced wide midfielder who has been susceptible to injuries of recent (Peter, 2014). Andros Townsend has a mesomorph body composition, which means he is in ideal shape to perform at an optimal level. To maintain this, a well-controlled diet is key as a mesomorph is easily exposed to gaining muscle as well as fat (Clark et al., 2003). Maintaining energy expenditure and maintaining intake is fundamental.

The importance of understanding supplementation to improve micronutrients efficiency to help recover from injuries and prevent future injuries from occurring is imperative to footballers (Fogelholm, 1994). Ensuring the players complete a food diary enables an analysis on their food consumption, paying close attention to any deficiencies they may have in their diet, which has had a direct impact on their

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