An Innovative Human Resource Management Case Of Standard Life Plc Essay

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ntroduction In the contemporary business environment, human resources management becomes the spine of any organization. The need of better performance of every business become greater with the intense competition grows year by year. Human resources management is the business partner that help companies to perform above the competition. In 21st century, the significance of traditional sources of competitive success (e.x. Technology, economies of scale) decreases because they are easy to imitate. In contrast, “the significance of human resources as the greatest asset of a business enterprise has increased since human resources constitute an organisation’s intangible, irreplaceable and, un-imitable resources” (Pfeffer, 1994). In addition, the business environment changes rapidly. Competition, globalisation, changes in the economic, market and technology are adding the pressure on the old human resources management system. In order to cope with changes, there is a need for the transformation of human resources management.
This paper will talk about an innovative human resource management case of Standard Life plc. on Oracle cloud. It will discuss the background of the innovation as well as the detail of the projects. It will also cover the importance of this particular innovation and how it affect the firm in a positive way.


Standard Life is an international saving and investment firm headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was actually a big decision to

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