An Insight For Women 's Struggle For Equality

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An Insight to Women’s Struggle for Equality: “Good Country People”
In her short film, “Good Country People”, at; Global Voices, Tanya Hamilton addresses the gender based bias toward women in the workplace. Hamilton uses the setting of her native born home in St. Catharine’s Parish, Spanish Town, Jamaica ("The Reel Deal") to tell the story of a young woman, Blossom Edwards, forced to take over her uncle’s taxi business as the sole income for the family. Edwards encounters much adversity in simply trying to make a day’s wage for the family. She is treated disrespectfully, passed over for business and placed in danger on top of doing the task of taxi driver just to make ends meet. It is an excellent representation of women’s …show more content…

The main character, Blossom Edwards, is a young woman doing a traditionally man’s job. Edwards has to take over her uncle’s taxi business to make ends meet for the family or they will do without the basics necessities. Another instance of desperation Hamilton uses is of a young boy trying to get a taxi ride on several occasions. We find he has to get home to take care of younger siblings and, if need be, will walk many miles to do so. The body language of characters also creates a sense of pathos throughout the piece. You can feel the discouragement, fear, desperation and happiness without a single word from the characters. Danger is another effective tool this filmmaker puts in place for her audience to create pathos. This is done with a news bulletin on the radio about shootings, an attack on Edwards’ husband for wearing the wrong color shirt, and an intense scene involving a roadblock by gunmen. But Hamilton gives us hope too. Edwards finally gives the young boy a ride despite the danger that may be involved in doing so. She also pays the gunmen at the roadblock to let her pass with the boy in her taxi rather than leaving him to an uncertain fate at their hands. And when the election, the cause of all the tension, is over luminaires are sent up to signal a new beginning. Keeping in mind, all the while this is all in a day’s work for a young woman trying to feed her family.
Overcoming gender biases toward women and girls

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