An Insight Of. Erikson Theory On Aging. Anthony Isamade.

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An Insight of Erikson Theory on Aging Anthony Isamade Oluwatosin Abegunde Nursing Care Concepts Aging Jean Eaton January 27, 2017 Abstract A perception of old age and the crisis associated with it. Erikson theory illuminates these various issues associated with old age through Ego Integrity vs Despair, and generates ideas that the future generations now employ to understand Aging. An Insight of Erikson Theory on Aging Aging is a concept that impacts our society. With advances in medicines, lifespan has been extended for a few more years. This brings the need for accommodation and proper ways for caring for the older generation. Erik .H. Erikson is a third generation psychologist and a psychoanalyst who was a …show more content…

Ego Integrity vs Despair evaluates the cycle of life as people age, productivity declines bringing room for exploration of life as a retired individual. It is a period of contemplation of either accomplishment or failures as Erikson (1978) quotes “There is in every child at every stage a new miracle of vigorous unfolding, which constitutes a new hope and responsibility for all” (p.255). Integrity becomes an icon of one ‘self if the life he/she has lived was a successful and desirable life while Despair becomes the perception of unproductivity, and feeling of guilt about the past. In other words, the goals not yet accomplished in life creates a vacuum and a sense that one’s life no longer has a purpose. However, Integrity then becomes an achievement and completeness of oneself. During this stage in life, Failure to live up to one’s ego ideals results in superego attack for that failure thereby the negative and positive conscience generates an immature state of self-punishment and shame on the other hand. Erikson’s idea continues to highlight these controversies during the stage which sprouts the ideas of gerontology care. As Mackenzie (1967) expressed “…that each generation brings to human fate an inescapable conflict between its ethical and rational aims and it’s infantile fixations.

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