Late Adulthood : The Social Word Essay

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1. Chapter 15 “Late Adulthood: The Social Word” section “Theories of Late Adulthood,” emphasizes the importance of social interaction during late adulthood and everything prior to reaching this age group. The character and self awareness of an individual begins in the first two years, and continues to build throughout childhood and adolescence, in which during the early decades of one’s life, “self-image is greatly affected by physical appearance and by other people’s perceptions,” (Berger, 540). This chapter focuses on self theories, in which “they focus on individuals, especially the self-concept and challenges to identity and the search to maintain one’s integrity,” (Berger, 540). The self theories are The self and Aging – “Adults maintain their self-concept despite senescence, which alters appearance and social status in ways that might undercut self-esteem,” in other words, each person depends on himself or herself, (Berger 540). Integrity – “Adults integrate their unique experiences with their community concerns. In late adulthood, the elderly go through with the eighth and final stage of Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory’s stage of development, integrity versus despair,” (Berger, 541). As the elderly get older and almost reach their time of leaving, they come to the final decision of whether or not they are proud or content with all that has happened in their life or if they despair over it because they did not accomplish some tasks or goals. This is similar to

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