An Inspiring Secondary School History Teacher Essay

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As an inspiring secondary school history teacher, I take my position as an educator very seriously. As a teacher, I play an integral role in shaping the minds of the next generation. I believe that much of the American citizenry is a product of how they were educated and I hope that I can help craft a citizen body that can contribute in a positive way to society. I hope as a teacher I can sculpt my student body into avid learners. Most importantly, as a teacher, I want to challenge my students. If all of my students can easily earn an A then I’m not doing my job as a teacher. Of course there will always be very bright students that can achieve high grades without much effort, but most of my students should require effort to perform high in my class. This helps to prepare my student’s for the real world. Overall my philosophy statement is that student’s should be challenged to the point where they have to put in high effort to achieve a good grade, this not only helps to ingrain the course material but teaches them the importance of hard work which will help them in their education and in real life. I want my students to walk away from my class with the lesson that in life, achieving greatness is never easy, those who are the best work the hardest. My students should learn that everyone is capable of greatness if they apply themselves. And their taking of my course will be a real life example of this.
I want my class to not only be challenging but interesting and fun. If I

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