An Interview With Peter Boettke

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During our discussion with Peter Boettke, he constantly brought up the idea of a permissionless innovation. To begin, Peter commented on how the world has been developing at such a rapid pace where people are now capable of doing what 10 years ago some would regard as impossible. An example of this that he gave was regarding the 3D printer and a hand. Basically, he said if we have the capability of 3D printing a hand that could be made for someone who was born without one, then why should we not use that capability to improve someone’s life? This is where permisisonless innovation comes into play, as with this type of thinking people do not need to seek out approval from others when they have developed a great idea. According to Peter in an interview on the “econtalk” websites, he says, “We want to be able to have people who seek not to always shave to get permission from public officers about how to come up with private solutions to these commercial problems or public problems”. Basically, permissionless means exactly what the name says; when people innovate they are not going to have to be burdened by finding permission from public officials. With this type of innovation, it would be much easier for people to innovate, as there is less hassle involved. Therefore, it is an idea that is very applicable to the analytical framework in class, as we have learned about the process of developing new ideas or enhancing older ideas. Within all of the course material,

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