An Investigation At Winterbourne View Hospital

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Over the last 15 years or so a number of cases concerning patient care and safety have come to light prompting investigations and inquiries that have led to changes in the way care is delivered. These include inquiries at Winterbourne View hospital, Mid-Staffordshire hospital(Mid staffs) and Harold shipman to name a few. At Winterbourne View Hospital, an undercover investigation for the BBC panorama revealed practices that amounted to criminal abuse by staff towards patients. A serious case review set up by the government in collaboration with the CQC, Local NHS and Police found that patients were subjected too many incidences of Physical restraint and poor quality care. It also found a “punitive and closed” culture that prevented outsiders including friends and family from knowing what was going on behind closed doors especially inside bedrooms and on the wards. Worryingly a number of agencies failed to notice warning signs such as the unusually high numbers - approximately 150 Incidents- of safeguarding reports at the local council, A&E visits as well as police attendance on numerous occasions. Other findings included; unsuitable placements- people admitted to hospital for assessments and treatment and staying longer than was necessary, task oriented care- one size fits all, Management failures- a lack of registered managers, poor staffing and a lack of training. Similarly at Mid staffs, concerns about poor care brought by families and, safety alerts identified by the…
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