An Observational Study Design That Could Be Appropriately Used By An Apn

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An observational study design that could be appropriately used by an APN to study the above research question is a cross sectional study design. Important questions to make this study applicable, is it appropriate; is the characteristics between prevalent and incident cases a factor; have other explanations been ruled out?
According to Curley & Vitale (2012), the cross-sectional study determines the exposure and outcomes at the same time. It provides a “snap shot” at one point in time. The information obtained was about the relationship of Tuberculosis and the White Ethnic group of males during a single point in time, 1993 and 2011. Cross sectional studies are applicable for screening the hypothesis due to the fact they require a small time frame and minimal resources to manag e.
Cross sectional study design has been utilized to comprehend the prevalence of diseases, treatments, services and outcomes. Cross-sectional study strengths contain surveys that are inexpensive and takes a shorter time to complete, and can provide descriptive data about the population of people involved in the study. The study can be useful for assessing risk factor prevalence rate, a means to compare groups, has the ability to study fatal diseases within a smaller population, and can study multiple exposures (Curley & Vitale, 2012).
Cross-sectional weaknesses are unable to measure or determine exposures exactly because the outcome and exposure is done simultaneously. There can be bias of variable

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