An Offensive Comment Against President Speech On Gun Regulation

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I. Description of crises The crisis is about an offensive comment against president Obama due to his speech on a recent school shooting, through the Facebook company account with 30,000 of the social media’s employee was posting this comment (Even his grandmother knew how bad he would be, she made sure she died before he became present) on his personal account but unexpectedly he posted it on a company account. Though he deleted the comment after 5 minutes but it was too late for him to remove it from there because it spread out rapidly and broadly on-line. The problem is that this post significantly affected on the company reputation. Also company has many costumer and it has been in operation for approximately 50 years, and has a global customer base. Costumers believe that this is a company’s opinion since it is posted on the company Facebook account. But in fact this is an employee opinion and his reaction toward the president speech on gun regulation. II. Problem statement We have to evaluate the crisis situation and make assessment of the information which come from the social media member. One of the main challenge that this company will face is losing a good reputation of company and this firm globally will be known. III. Potential solution There are many plans that the company CEO should make in order to find the effective and potential solution for this problem. • Create a team that members should include the social media and some of the

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