An Old Colleague Of Mines Essay

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For my case study, I decided to choose an old colleague of mines named Rita Oduguwa. Rita was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Rita moved to the United States 38 years ago, in 1978 with her husband. She fluently speaks Yoruba, English, and occasionally uses French. She began acquiring English in the third grade, at a private school in Nigeria. Both of her parents spoke Yoruba, but only her dad spoke English for his job.
She began school in Kindergarten where her teachers taught her in Yoruba. On her first day of third grade she was totally confused because her teachers only spoke to the class in English and French. She learned that day she would no longer be allowed to speak in Yoruba at school. Rita found this very challenging, but she had no other option. If she did not learn English and French she would not be able to communicate with others and her teachers would take her lunch as punishment. There were no supplemental aids or translations of Yoruba to English/French. To help her and her siblings with school Rita’s dad hired them private tutors. The tutors would come and set up all over the house and Rita and her siblings would rotate around the house to the different tutors for two hours a day. Rita became trilingual at an early age.
After getting married Rita’s husband John decided to get a new start by moving to the United States. They settled in a little city named Rowlett, that is north of Dallas in Texas. Rita thought that because she knew English
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