An Only Child At The Age Of Four

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As an only child at the age of four, I found myself creating people to play with. The only problem was they weren 't exactly real people. They were imaginary friends that I spent my childhood with. We played barbies, built forts, and enjoyed all of the little quirks of my younger years together. However, as I grew older I found that the imaginary people I made up and played with, didn 't fill that void of friendship I was looking for. We are social beings by nature and rely immensely on socialization. Whether we are four or forty that urgency is still there. Human beings rely on each other for companionship. It doesn 't exactly matter if it 's romantic or casual, as long as the socialization is there, it satisfies the need. My definition …show more content…

There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it 's all over.” I couldn 't of said it better myself, if keeping a good friendship was easy, what would be the point? There is always a give and a take to anything in life. This concept of time is true with any type of relationship. For example, a worthwhile romantic relationship won 't last if you don 't devote your time and effort into it. Friendship is no exception, your time into any relationship will reciprocate what you put into it. As I grow up and mature, I 've learned what values are important to me in a friendship. My standards have changed over the years as I realized peoples true intentions. In my short 25 years, I have seen more friends come and go than most. Essentially, it started when my parents sent me to a private high school where I didn 't know a soul. Adjusting quickly, my ideal friendship consisted of an over dramatic hello in the hallway from my best friend of the week. She would then pass me a note about her plan on how we would sneak alcohol from our parents and get drunk that weekend. I was a people pleaser and stayed friends with every type of person. Impressing people was my number one goal. Whether they were fake friends or annoying ones, I didn 't care. My standards were nonexistent, as were my morals. Fast forward seven years, and the friends I went to high school with

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