An Outstanding Educator

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Through out my education, I have encountered many good teachers, but very few outstanding educators. Of course an outstanding educator must be organized, engaging, and educated, but these qualities are common in good teachers. Outstanding educators have certain qualities that are unique to them.

An outstanding educator is passionate. Not about teaching, but about the subject they are teaching. Their passion shows through in their work. These types of educators capture the students' attention when they are teaching. The teacher being excited to pass on the knowledge gets the students engaged. Since the teacher is passionate the cons of teaching don't show through in their work. Teachers can become run down and overwhelmed; since an outstanding educator is passionate the positives …show more content…

They genuinely care about their students and know what is going on in their lives. Students can sense when someone doesn't truly care about them. An outstanding educator must convince the students they are not faking it. These educators let the students know they are listening. Unfortunately a teacher caring is all some students have. Outstanding educators know how important their role in shaping these students' lives are.

Lastly an outstanding educator educates the students not in the subject area they are teaching, but they teach the students valuable lessons in life. These types of educators have kids leaving the classroom not just knowing how to use the quadratic formula, but how to be productive citizens of society. An outstanding educator shows students what they can be after they leave school.

Being an outstanding educator is something all teachers strive to be, but very few accomplish. There are many qualities of an outstanding educator, but being passionate, caring, and teaching the students more than the lessons in the book are very important. An outstanding educator is in the correct profession without a

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