An Report On Ethical Consumerism

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This report analyses what ethical consumerism (EC) is and how it relates to customers performance. First it provides four types of Ethical buying: positive buying, negative purchasing, and company based purchasing and fully screened approach. It then takes a look at the position of Marks and Spencer as a company on how they act ethically, and their social responsibility initiatives based on its core values. Overall this report will be based on the impact of organic, fair trade, environmental impact and stewardship council when buying things. Ethical Consumerism Ethical consumerism is the moral buying and association where a company imposes to sell products ethically where it is not just the profit they focus on but the idea of giving…show more content…
However Shaw et al (2005) argued that customers consider to be ethical, affordable and to do what companies claim they do which is making decisions on the basis of ethical values. For example people will not buy a product if inot ethically right, they will still consider price and quality far important to consider for ethical consumers. As shaw reveled that ethical consumers tend to become aware of other issue and include them in their decision –making and effectively become a habit (e.g. vegetarainism, recycling) An example of a product which falls into an ethical category is Ethos Home Ware, which develops a range of home ware products that helps children realise their potential to do anything they dream of recyclying. Ethical consumerism could either be an individual based activity or an organizational based activity where a campaign encourages people to act more ethically regarding behaviour. Ethical consumerism has three major variables: which are listed below • Personal interest • Society interest • Environmental interest In today’s society, ethical consumerism can be seen as a significant way of thinking about the responsibilities individuals take in respect to ‘’fair trade and ‘’eco friendly’’ products. The study of (Chris Arnot, Et al) also shows that fair trade products represent a large and rowing market sector world wide. Marks and Spencer has also taken interest in ethical in the environment when reporting their performance as they
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