Analyse Coco Chanel's Philosophy Essay

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Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born on August 19, 1883. Her parents were Albert Chanel and Jeanne Devolle. In 1895, her mother died of bronchitis, and therefore her father sent his daughters to the covent of Abazine in Corrèze. He has never been there since that day. During this time, she learned the skills of sewing. Chanel wanted to be a seamstress, but not plying her needle. She began to sing at café concerts. The popular songs oh hers was ’’Qui qu’a vu Coco’’, so she acquired the nickname’’ Coco’’. She got her start in hats and she wasn’t afraid to be her own model. According to Khurana, Coco said ‘’I don’t do fashion, I’m fashion’’. Etienne Balsan, her first love who gave her the opportunity to into a higher social life. For this…show more content…
At that time, Coco Chanel first created the jersey clothes, which were new styles and materials. It is an impact to the traditional costume, the concept of clothing and tailoring. Women felt more comfortable and liberating. Before her design, a cheap fabrice was used for men’s underwear. She introduced casual, comfortable, suitable clothes. With the liberation of women following the war Chanel clothing became known for allowing freedom of movement in comfortable, fluid designs and practical sporty wear as ladies left their kitchens and began to enjoy more active lives (Farrer J. , 2008). This idea became very popular, that changed purpose completely during the following century. Chanel's jersey fashions caused a sensation (Haye A. D. L. , 2011). Coco Chanel not only revolutionized what women should wear, but also, in society, she freed women from the former formula way in which females were supposed to perform in society (Sun F. , 2010). Before Chanel’s design, the most popular style in the Europe was Baroque style. A person's clothing can indicate their particular social class, and determine their status, role and rights in the society. For example, people can easily identify the royal family members from the dress code. The robe of female used the different colour and material for significance. She thought Baroque style used too much decoration that repressed the structure of body. In the 1920, Coco started a new fad. The fashion of short

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