Analysis : ' Big Ideas '

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Much like the artist entrepreneur, an evangelist is someone who thinks about opportunities in an abstract way and uses “big ideas” to create profound emotional connections with diverse groups of people. However, unlike the artist, an evangelist is also someone who is continually poised to exploit viable opportunities, and is capable of rallying people and resources around their cause in order to grow their business. The evangelist’s objective is to spread their message and get as many people on board as possible, and one entrepreneur that has excelled in accomplishing this goal is the founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes, Blake Mycoskie. As a decidedly driven and exceedingly successful “serial entrepreneur”, Blake Mycoskie has truly exemplified the qualities of an evangelist, and throughout this paper we will learn who he is, why he typifies an evangelist, and what others can learn from him.
Blake Mycoskie was born on August 26th, 1976 in Arlington, Texas, and is the eldest of three children. His father, Mike Mycoskie, was an orthopedic surgeon, and his mother, Pam Mycoskie, was an author of healthy-living cookbooks. As a lifelong tennis player, Mycoskie earned a partial tennis scholarship to Southern Methodist University (SMU), and entered the school as a declared double major of philosophy and business in 1995. During his sophomore year, Mycoskie suffered a tendon injury that ended his tennis career and, effectively, his scholarship. The loss of his athletic
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