Analysis Of Abina And The Important Men Essay

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In Abina and the Important Men, lies a portrayal of daily life and operations of the area of Asante and its relations with British jurisdiction, on the Gold Coast of West Africa in 1876. Specifically, it is a story about a girl from Asante named Asina who is sold into slavery at a very young age and her journey to achieve justice. While Abina’s story was not well documented and well known, it’s brief mention in archived stories arose attention for the powerless and the silenced. Through Abina’s narrative and her fight for justice, and the contextual history of African and British relations, the depiction of “important men” their roles and how they impact her life and people like her are displayed. In the 1870s, Britain colonized Africa and its coasts for two main interests: gold and slaves. However, gold was limited and therefore, its quantity dried up. Soon enough, palm oil had become the “new gold” and played an immense part in Britain’s growing industrial production. The Gold Coast, in fact, had a long history of merchants and foreigners who seek to extract the many riches the land possessed. Specifically, the British had established its footing on the Gold Coasts through its advancements during the Industrial Revolution and drove out other European competitors. Slowly, Britain had gained control of the Gold Coasts and come to agreements with local rulers to remain independent, but conform to certain rules imposed by the British.
By 1874, slavery had been abolished

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